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Sorella Vita - Vintage Rose

Color Palette Vintage rose is lovely as an accent color, but can really be used as a neutral, as well. Pair with other shades of rose, golds, or even dark shades, like grey.

Stella York by Essence of Australia

As far as romantic bridal fashion goes, it doesn’t get any dreamier than this gorgeous collection that hails from Down Under, Stella York Spring 2016 Collection. Classic Elegance oozes out of every single one of these wedding dresses. Luxurious designs, fairytale silhouettes and impossibly romantic lace details make an appearance to ensure you turn heads at every pass. Stella York has the dress you dreamed of as a little girl, transformed into the gown that’s worth of your big girl taste. And there is much more in the full gallery… check it out!

Designer Days Martina Liana 16th and 17th April 2016 - unique opportunity

For one weekend only we will be ordering in a huge selection of Martina Liana gowns, on top of our usual range, for you to try. Get unprecedented access to this exclusive and modern designer with the chance to find a dream dress for your big day. If you're the kind of bride who wants a touch of magic and something totally unique, then you'll love the Martina collection. Designed in Australia with the vision of creating high end luxury accessible the Martina collection is like nothing else you will have seen locally. Appointments for this special event cost £10, which is refundable on purchase. Call in to make an appointment on 01202 986040 and we look forward to meeting you!

Martine Harris: Seperates Together Forever

Martina Liana Bridal Separates : Together Forever

Martina Liana have created an innovative and stunning new separates collection allowing every bride to create a truly unique, custom couture bridal look.

For two weeks only at Minster Designs we will have this new and stunning collection by Martina Liana, Separates: Together Forever. With 18 extraordinary pieces, it has never been easier for brides to create their dream bridal outfit.

The new collection came together after Martine Harris, the chief creative officer at Martina Liana, hand-picked her favourite bridal designs, and remodelled them into separate pieces, enabling you to mix and match her best-selling skirts with your choice of unique bodice. No longer will you struggle because you love the bodice on one dress but not the skirt and vice versa. With this new exciting separates collection you can customise it to your own personal taste and preference, trying a variety of options as you go, and with 77 different combinations we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for you.

Martine Harris: Seperates Together Forever

Martine Harris: Seperates Together Forever

Separates are the latest trend to hit bridal fashion, with both celebrities and designers wearing them for their special day. Martina Liana are also one of the first companies offering this unique style, so you will not find the same designs anywhere else in the area.

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The Beauty In A Laid Back Country Bride

Our beautiful bride Ellie opted for a not so typical wedding day, creating a relaxed and fuss free English country wedding. She picked flowers from the garden, had her mum style her hair and arrived to the church on a donkey and carriage. However to her it was perfect.

Every part of the planning process was personal and after growing up in the Cumbrian parishes her father worked in, it was the perfect venue choice for her big day.

Eleanor on her way to her Wedding

Eleanor and Chris saying their I do's

We asked Ellie to tell us all about her special day as well as see what her top tips for future brides would be…

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Our Top Tips To Remember When Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding dress shopping should be a magical and memorable experience that both you and your loved ones can cherish. However in order to ensure it all runs smoothly, we have gathered up a list of our top tips to bare in mind before you begin, to make sure you have the best possible experience.

Shopping for a bridal gown is often a totally new and exciting experience, so at times it can become a little over whelming and it’s easy to forget what you want under the opinions of your bridal party. We’ve seen a number of beautiful brides to be and we know what works best and what to try and avoid, so here’s a few helpful tips to remember before you book your bridal boutique appointment…

Minster Designs | Bridal Gowns

Don't bring too many people…

Often too many opinions and voices can end up being overwhelming and stop you having the special moment you deserve. We’d advise you bring 2-3 people along with you to Minster Designs, and chose those whose opinion you will truly appreciate.

Know what kind of bride you are…

If you’re going to be running around a lot and up on the dance floor, make sure you choose a dress you feel comfortable doing that in. It would be a shame to miss out on all that boogying!

Don't rush and immediately rule out any dress…

Once you’ve put a dress on spend at least 5-10 minutes in it. It may not be the one but it could help you realise which one will be. It’s important to work out what it is you do and don’t like in each dress to help narrow down your search.

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